On a large gathering such as concerts and music festivals, there will be diverse personalities like Vape industry experts that you will encounter. These events entice the audience to have a blast and enjoy the songs to the fullest. And on those premises, it is unavoidable that people with vices start to manifest their habits while enjoying.

Taking drugs is an extreme example but most commonly, there will be people drinking and smoking. Among the group of smokers, there will be those that are vaping instead. If those groups of people are not careful, they might end up disrupting other people, put them at risk, and be thrown out of the event.

Vaping is relatively new to the ‘vice’ community and people who are into that might tend to vape anytime they want. Technically, what can a smoker do, a vape user can. However, it is helpful to observe proper etiquette to avoid unnecessary conflict since not all people appreciate the habit and continue having a good time.

Tips On How To Vape Properly On Concerts And Music Festivals

  • Avoid Spewing Vape Clouds In Faces Of Other People

The ‘coolest’ thing that a vape user can do that a cigarette smoker can’t is the ability to spew vape clouds. It can be very entertaining if creativity is applied as you spew the smoke. However, not all people enjoy the thick exhaust gas that you exhale.

They might like the display of spewing tricks but being in your range and actually inhaling what you have exhaled is what they are mad about. Do not, as much as possible, spew the smoke in front of their faces.

In a concert where too many people can crowd with each other, that seems like a difficult task. It is better to spew it upward or go to the sidelines and be done with it.

  • Apply Stealth Vaping As Much As Possible

Stealth vaping means that you vape in a low-key manner, where only a few people, especially in a concert, notice. It is easier said than done and that is why you need to familiarize the common techniques for stealth vaping. Here are some of them:

Reduce battery power in order to scale down the level of vapor production.

Inhale and then, hold the vapor for a few more seconds than usual so that the smoke will be less visible during exhaling. Exhale through the nose

Exhale on a covering like a handkerchief, tissue, or even your own shirt.

For advanced technique on stealth vaping, you can increase the ratio of PG-to-VG in e-juice.

Another advanced technique is to choose an e-liquid flavor that is less intrusive.

  • Follow The Protocols And Rules

For starters, large events like concerts and music festivals, if they have policies, they will be a large notice upon the entrance gate. If you are skeptical, then it will be easy to ask for complete directions from the crowd marshal or the usher.


Observing proper etiquette in vaping is a sign of respecting the personal space of the people around you. It may be hard to do on such crowded events but it will be enjoyable if you won’t encounter any trouble just because of your vaping manner.

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