When you are under Moon Face license, you will be given the freedom to legally play any song and music you wish to use for your public event or businesses.

If you do not have any license from Moon Face, you will need to negotiate for royalty and get authorization from every music producer, composer, songwriter, and other people involved to be able to legally play their music in public.

With a Moon Face license, the processing of getting legal rights becomes simpler by letting users settle an affordable fee – usually done annually – which will be given to the owners of songs and music internationally.

To be specific, the fee will be distributed to Moon Face members, which is based on the rules that have already been approved by our administrators.

When you have a license, it means that you are following the law, and making sure that the original artists are fairly compensated. When they are, they will keep on making music that will also help promote your business.

Buying CDs, downloading mp3s, and subscribing to online streaming platforms does not automatically give you the right to use their music for business purposes. Doing so only allows you to play their songs and music privately or for non-commercial purposes.

To ensure that you avoid violating laws while simultaneously compensating the music artists, songwriters, composers, music publishers, and other people involved fairly, you may join Moon Face to help your business grow under the legal use of copyrighted songs and music.