Moon Face legally protects and manages the reproduction and performing rights of composers, music publishers, music producers, and songwriters.

Moon Face provides an organized and unified method when it comes to the management of rights as well as credible solutions for performing rights and reproduction of rights holders.

We distribute music royalties all around the globe for the use of copyrighted songs and music as we unify music artists, composers, and songwriters internationally.

Performing Rights

When a musician has a performing right, it means that he has the legal right to perform a composition or song in public. It can be done anywhere, whether it’s through a bar’s music playlist, a television or radio broadcast, background music from movies, or even in a live performance.

It provides the music’s owner the exclusive right to play or allow the public performance of their music. Moon Face manages performing rights for its members by distributing and collecting royalties whenever their music or songs are performed publicly.

Reproduction Rights

Moon Face offers two types of reproduction rights:


This provides the song owner the exclusive right to allow the reproduction of their music on different media such as digital mp3 music format, records, and CDs.

Visual Crafts and Arts

This provides the owners of artworks such as photographs, sculptures, paintings, and architectural designs the exclusive rights to allow the use of their work for digital reproduction in stamps, posters, or books. It also allows them to authorize their use in public exhibitions or presentations.

Moon Face manages these kinds of copyrights for all the members by providing licenses for the utilization of their works.