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Moon Face legally protects and manages the reproduction and performing rights of composers, music publishers, music producers, and songwriters. Moon…


When you are under Moon Face license, you will be given the freedom to legally play any song and music…

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This is also known as A&R, which typically involves recording labels. Here at Moon Face, we aim to gain a…


Moon Face believes that songwriters and artists are an excellent source of Canadian culture and pride. Its composers, music publishers, and other people involved are the driving components that highly contribute to the generation of income in the Canadian economy annually. Moon Face connects international musicians, visual artists, and businessmen…

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Smoking to Vaping: Should Musicians Make the Switch?

It wasn’t long ago that smoking, let alone vaping vape shop mcmasterville, was considered something cool and rebellious. This is a habit that appealed to folks who were in search of an unconventional and classy look. Traditional cigarettes were a huge part of certain musicians’ images, such as the likes of Keith Richards, Axl Rose, and Bob Dylan. Minors were then influenced to smoke because they wanted to mimic their idols and favorite musicians.
However, these days more and more musicians are vaping instead of smoking. It’s not a surprise that the vape scene is growing more popular every …

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How Music Helps You Sleep

Since time immemorial, music has been used to put babies to sleep. In fact, famous lullabies have been translated into many different languages and are widely sang by mothers to put babies to sleep.
Even science agrees with this practice, showing that babies, children, and even adults sleep better after listening to soothing melodies. The essentials are still needed though, for example, a top-quality Canadian mattress is super important.
As such, music is considered a powerful calming instrument, not only for babies but also for children and adults too. Therefore, …

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Vaping Etiquette While Attending Concerts And Music Festivals

On a large gathering such as concerts and music festivals, there will be diverse personalities like Vape industry experts that you will encounter. These events entice the audience to have a blast and enjoy the songs to the fullest. And on those premises, it is unavoidable that people with vices start to manifest their habits while enjoying.
Taking drugs is an extreme example but most commonly, there will be people drinking and smoking. Among the group of smokers, there will be those that are vaping instead. If those groups of people are not careful, they might end up disrupting other people, …

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What Should Musicians Wear? Onstage And Offstage Ideas

Being a musician is all glamorous and fun up until you become popular and famous. Once you become a celebrity musician, how you talk, what you say, how you walk, what you dress, the t-shirts you should wear, where you hang out even what you eat is under the scrutiny of the public eye. This is why as a musician you need to carefully choose what you wear as  on and off stage.
You wouldn’t want a wardrobe malfunction while singing your lungs out, would you? It would be embarrassing and cameras will be there to make the nightmare trend on social media.
Choosing the right clothing can make …

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Canadian Musical Events and Festivals During August

Canada’s culture when it comes to festivals varies from place to place, which is based on their hundred-year history back when festivals took place to celebrate changes in season.
Today, more than 200 festivals are celebrated in Canada, which involve music, nature, dance, and a lot more. However, the best time of the year to attend festivals in Canada is during summer because there are a lot of participants, and it is more convenient.
Here are the best summertime festivals in Canada that you can attend during August.
Veld Music Fest – August 1 & 2
This music festival in Toronto has started in 2012. …

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Canada Festivals and Events

Canada and its citizens have a well-established reputation for being calm and amicable. Although they may be calm and relaxed most of the time, they still find reasons to party, celebrate, and have fun on every occasion of the year.
There are also lively Canadian events, festivals, and holidays that help people wake from the temptation of winter hibernation. However, the busiest season for festivals in Canada is always summertime when huge numbers of spectators watch from the streets to watch some of the most well-known carnivals.
This is a fun activity during the winter which involves skating on the …

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