Live Venues for Music

Live venues for music provide fans of certain music artists to have fun in live music concerts and performances. If you are an owner or a manager of a live music venue anywhere in Canada, you may join Moon Face to obtain a license to engage in the ethical and legal production of live music.

Once you obtain it, you will be allowed to operate with live performances, and at the same time, you get to fairly pay the musicians you hire to perform in live shows.


Moon Face is also open to those who manage or own broadcasting platforms such as online radio stations, traditional radio, or television music channels to make sure that music publishers, composers, and songwriters are fairly compensated for the music that improves your programming.

Streaming Platforms

People are mostly fond of using the Internet, which is why online streaming platforms are popular nowadays.

If you are an operator or owner of a music streaming platform online, you may partner with Moon Face to make sure that music artists who promote your business are ethically, legally, and fairly paid for the usage of their music.

After all, they are the main drivers why online streaming platforms never get off the trend.

Music Event Producers

Moon Face welcomes those who book or promote any live music events so that you can be given the legal license to play your chosen music so that the owners of the music will be ethically, legally, and fairly paid for their intellectual property.