This page shows with whom Moon Face works. We are partnered with dependable artists and professional people who are experts when it comes to their respective fields.

Music Artists

Moon Face’s main foundations for the music industry are our composers, publishers, producers, and songwriters.  If you’ve had any experience in joining song compositions, musical arrangements, or any album that has already been recorded, published, or performed, you may join Moon Face.


Moon Face welcomes composers whose own musical arrangements were performed in theaters, television, and movies so that they may be able to claim royalties that they have earned.


For those who are music publishers, Moon Face gets information and details based on compositions and songs that are copyright-protected in your directory so that you, as well as your clients, can get paid for the use of those intellectual properties.


Moon Face allows writers and co-writers a percentage of recorded musical compositions or even the ones that have been published and performed.


The main drivers of the music industry are songwriters. Moon Face welcomes those who were able to write any published, performed, or recorded song.

Music in Business

Based on several studies, Canadians love shopping and dining experiences where there is music present in the establishments.

If you own a restaurant, bar, or any business type in Canada, you may join Moon Face to help you improve your business.

Supporters and Fans

Here at Moon Face, we ensure that all composers, as well as songwriters, are compensated equally so that they can receive the correct amount of money that they earn whenever their music is being played.

Moon Face helps music publishers and creators keep their music promoted and nurtured by distributing and recognizing royalties.