Moon Face believes that songwriters and artists are an excellent source of Canadian culture and pride. Its composers, music publishers, and other people involved are the driving components that highly contribute to the generation of income in the Canadian economy annually.

Moon Face connects international musicians, visual artists, and businessmen to promote the growth of the music industry while simultaneously providing licenses for the reproduction and presentation of songs and music.

Moon Face also serves music publishers and music creators. We support them, and we do our job, protecting and defending their legal rights so that they will be fairly compensated for their work – and that is the music they released that we love listening to.

Through our direct connections and reciprocated agreements, we issue licenses for the reproduction and presentation of music creations. We also distribute and collect royalties from Canada to the whole world.

Why We Do This

It is all because Moon Face is committed to being at the head of the international transformation of reproduction and performing rights for the music.

We are also dedicated to maintain and let the world know how valuable music is and how every person involved in producing songs and music in any way such as radio and TV broadcasting, live performances, online streaming platforms, and many more is significant to the music industry.

We ensure that all of them are fairly compensated for their musical work. Moon Face works to offer our members with the much-needed support that will allow them to keep on doing what they love doing.