Musicians create music and share it to the world not only to be recognized, but also to communicate their feelings, expressions, thoughts, and messages through music. Once their music is listened to by a lot of people, there is a high chance that a large part of those listeners will become fans.

Here at Moon Face, we make sure that those artists, composers, and songwriters are fairly compensated when someone plays their musical creation. Moon Face provides music artists and publishers all the help that they need to keep their music promoted and nurtured by legally distributing, collecting, and identifying royalties.

However, just because you are not a music artist, publisher, or producer does not mean that you have no significance in the industry. In fact, you can still have a great contribution as a fan by becoming a Moon Face supporter.

You can register here to be updated with the latest at Moon Face as well as the industry’s music rights, licensing, and music-making. From hit-making music artists to the supporters and fans, Moon Face is an open door.