Canada’s culture when it comes to festivals varies from place to place, which is based on their hundred-year history back when festivals took place to celebrate changes in season.

Today, more than 200 festivals are celebrated in Canada, which involve music, nature, dance, and a lot more. However, the best time of the year to attend festivals in Canada is during summer because there are a lot of participants, and it is more convenient.

Here are the best summertime festivals in Canada that you can attend during August.

Veld Music Fest – August 1 & 2

This music festival in Toronto has started in 2012. This is a huge electro-dance fun party attended by more than 51,000 people who enjoy the best quality of EDM. A lot of known DJs and music artists perform at this festival.

Manitoulin Country Festival – August 6-9

This is one family-oriented fest in Little Current. For lovers of country music, this is worth attending because of the effort of organizers to make a comfortable ambiance for the performers and audiences. What makes this event popular is its ability to give visitors that sense of the country’s warm welcome.

IleSoniq – August 14 & 15

This event takes place in Montreal, which is filled with electronic dance music. Other electronic sub-genres, baile funk, and hip-hop music are also played by 50 performers. This is attended by almost 18,000 people yearly.

Time Festival – August 15

This festival may only take place for a single day, but this is also popular because it covers all music genres such as pop music, alternative rock, and urban music. This event takes place in Toronto and is attended by a lot of Canadians and even tourists.

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