This is also known as A&R, which typically involves recording labels. Here at Moon Face, we aim to gain a massive number of members including composers, music publishers, songwriters, and music producers who are proficient at promoting music collaboration.

If Moon Face uses the A&R strategy, it will result in a much greater benefit for the people involved who deserve to be fairly compensated with their royalties and copyright. We ensure that all our business partners and highly talented members enjoy the benefits that they deserve from expanded opportunities.

This A&R technique is meant to totally correspond to what our music producers and publishers’ roles are.

This kind of strategy then ensures to regulate and enhance the music industry by creating a strong and tight team. This is so that Moon Face can effectively gather and retain the necessary registered members to allow its local, national, and international collection of musical compositions and songs to be built from strong foundations.

This technique of Moon Face allows us to achieve our aim of helping our exclusive members to participate in the business industry, collaborate in it, and more.

Moon Face’s A&R team utilizes all of their skills to help all registered Moon Face members. These skills include:

Networking skills

Career development

Talent evaluation skills

This assistance stretches out from our music artists to our music publishers. Our A&R technique is our greatest approach to let our brand known throughout the music industry – by music artists, production, and collection.