It wasn’t long ago that smoking, let alone vaping vape shop mcmasterville, was considered something cool and rebellious. This is a habit that appealed to folks who were in search of an unconventional and classy look. Traditional cigarettes were a huge part of certain musicians’ images, such as the likes of Keith Richards, Axl Rose, and Bob Dylan. Minors were then influenced to smoke because they wanted to mimic their idols and favorite musicians.

However, these days more and more musicians are vaping instead of smoking. It’s not a surprise that the vape scene is growing more popular every day, considering that most humans worldwide love to follow current trends. Fans often like to emulate what their famous icons are doing. When famous musicians pick up popular habits like vaping and smoking, the trend tends to spread faster.

So, are there musicians who stopped being smokers and started being vapers instead? Absolutely! Some of the famous musician that now vape instead of smoke include:

  • Courtney Love
  • Ronnie Wood
  • Chuck Billy
  • Dave Navarro

Many rock artists in the 70s and 80s smoked traditional cigarettes. However, a lot of them have become vapers and have since stopped smoking traditional cigarettes. For instance, Navarro has become somewhat of vaping champions rather than just regular old vapers. They’re always on the media telling their fans how better it is to vape than to smoke.

Using high-quality vape mods may not carry the same health risks smoking does. This should be the main reason why musicians should consider making that switch. Additionally, you’re usually not allowed to smoke in most public spaces as well. But those same public spaces don’t have any issues with vapers, another reason they should think about switching to the vape side of life.

Lastly, smoking is just very dangerous. Studies have found that around 500,000 deaths are caused by tobacco-related diseases every year in the United States alone. Experts believe that these estimates might increase to eight million or so in the next ten to fifteen years unless something is done.

Music and Smoking

Smoking influences what many musicians create, and that’s why modern-day musicians still appear with vapes, instead of the traditional cigarettes and cigars, in their music videos. A while back, smoking was an iconic habit in the popular music scene. Cigarettes and cigars were talked about all the time in songs. Musicians were shown blowing smoke from cigarettes and cigars in their music videos. Others performed their songs in clubs and venues filled with smoke.

However, since you’re no longer allowed to smoke in most public spaces, music started to change as well. Why do we say this? Well, because music, in large part, is a reflection of society. In fact, many modern fans and parents alike don’t like music that features this habit because they believe it’s encouraging it, which isn’t good for general human health.


More musicians should start vaping and quit smoking for the sake of both societies and their wellbeing. They promote the habit of smoking when they smoke in their videos, hence influencing others to start. The vape life is the way to go.

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