Being a musician is all glamorous and fun up until you become popular and famous. Once you become a celebrity musician, how you talk, what you say, how you walk, what you dress, the t-shirts you should wear, where you hang out even what you eat is under the scrutiny of the public eye. This is why as a musician you need to carefully choose what you wear as  on and off stage.

You wouldn’t want a wardrobe malfunction while singing your lungs out, would you? It would be embarrassing and cameras will be there to make the nightmare trend on social media.

Choosing the right clothing can make or break your career. The right kind of clothes can help you brand yourself and keep your confidence high while on stage.

So, how should a musician dress onstage and offstage?

Onstage ideas

  • Wear your normal clothes; if you are confident your day-to-day dressing style can rock onstage, continue rocking that style. It is a confidence booster since you don’t have to worry about a malfunction. This is what you wear every day, therefore, you feel comfortable wearing the same onstage. You can accessorize with sunglasses, bandanas, or necklaces.
  • Have various stage costumes; some musicians have a different onstage and offstage persona. If you are a Lady Gaga type of persona, have different costumes for different performances that match with the theme, color schemes, and the genre of music. Onstage costumes also help musicians separate their music careers from their normal private lives. You can also have your team create custom t-shirts for onstage attire.
  • Keep it clean; remember cameras and all eyes are on you. Make sure that what you plan to wear onstage is clean.
  • Keep it appropriate; what you wear onstage should at least march with the venue and genre of music. You would be out-of-place if you went to perform in a Jazz bar wearing chokers and biker jackets. If possible, avoid showing too much skin.

Offstage ideas

As a musician, even when you are not on stage, cameras will still be on you more so if you are famous. You have to watch what you wear when you are not onstage or you will be the next victim of a celebrity meltdown. Try your best to dress appropriately even when you are away on vacation on another continent. Maintain a respectable dress code when out in public because your image is your brand. You can use custom t-shirts as everyday clothing to keep branding and advertising your music.

Maintain professionalism when you attend meetings, conferences, or contract signing. Remember your music career can be run as a successful business. However, this does not mean that you put on suits every time, just keep it neat and professional.

What a musician wears also determines what kind of fans they attract to their music. Keep that in mind when you are choosing what and how to dress up. It would be advisable to keep an onstage dress code one that your fans can automatically identify with.

Final advice

What you choose to wear onstage is up to you or your managing team. However, having situational awareness can help you have a spotless career when it comes to clothing. You can also take inspiration from well-established musicians or otherwise learn from their wardrobe mistakes.

At the end of the day, what you wear is up to you. However, just remember to keep it clean and appropriate.

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